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Assistence on Promotional Marketing

Who is the ASPN Soluções Legais:


ASPN – Assessoria Empresarial Ltda was founded in January, 1989. It is a highly specialized Consulting Company working with :


  • Legal Aspects of Trade Promotion
  •  Workshops
  • Legal opinions to ongoing campaigns
  • Advising Legal comercial promotions, authorized or not, in Brazilian territory
  • Opening and closing processes authorized for campaigns in Brazilian territory
  • Programs / Image Communications and Corporate


In the Promotional Marketing, ASPN Soluções Legais briefing analyzes the campaign according to the Brazilian law (Law nr. 5.768/71, Decree no. 70.951/72 etc..). This includes planning, development and promotional official permits.


In the Institutional Image and Communication Area, projects and programs are developed in order to define the relationships between Companies and the several Pression Groups, for example :  Press, Legislative, Executive, Universities and internal employees with the objective of forming/consolidating the institutional Image of the Organization. In order to implement this, some solid actions are created, such as specific training for employees, seminars, academic research project and follow up in the Legislative.




Services are provided regularly by ASPN Soluções Legais:

  • Assist in the identification of appropriate promotional mechanics to law;
  • Check the documents to be sent to Caixa Econômica Federal/CEPCO- CEF or  Secretariat for Economic Monitoring of the Ministry of Finance / SEAE-MF or Secretariat of Private Security/SUSEP-MF;
  • Prepare the Operation Plan to be approved by the relevant authority, as the case;
  • Obtain and deliver to Customer the Collection Document the inspection fee on the promotion;
  • Filing process and analyze the daily monitoring of the process to obtain authorization from the competent authority;
  • Prepare the minimum legal text for Coupon, Receipt contemplated and Marketing Materials;
  • Forward and track the process of authorization from the competent authorities;
  • Report the number of the Certificate of Authorization;
  • Remove and Deliver the original Certificate of Authorization;
  • Guide and answer any questions related on regulations during the course of the promotion;
  • Analyze and advise on legal texts of promotional material;
  • Provide advice on collecting taxes and fees;
  • Advise on documentation for process termination;
  • Monitor the audit Sweepstakes;
  • Develop accountability document that will be submitted to the licensing authority.;
  • Protocol process Accountability and monitor the entire process through to completion;


Main Customers :




General Motors




Vivo S/A

Carrefour Comércio e Industria

McCann Erickson

Banco Santander S/A


Young & Rubicam


Contacts with the ASPN:

E-mail: aspn@aspn.com.br

Phone: (55-11) 3647-3660 or (55-11)3078-3610.